Saturday, January 17, 2015

This is me not letting winter win

I'm full of bad ideas, Rich can tell you. And I kind of had the sneaking suspicion that taking the kids to walden pond in the middle of winter, when the thermometer read 10 degrees just might turn out to be another one, but I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as we walked down to the beach I heard someone calling Jonas' name. As it turned out a kid from school was there too, which was probably for the best, bird watching with mom is only fun for so long.
    Between reading Jeremy's Muffler every day for the past month and watching White Fang recently, I was a little nervous about walking onto a frozen pond, but the park rangers weren't stopping anybody, and none of the ice skaters seemed to be falling through the ice. It also helped that the guys ice fishing said the ice was about a foot thick, before politely asking us to go away, our kids were scaring away the fish.

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  1. I went out walking on water today, too. But my boots were to slippery. I think I need to slog down through the snow in boots, and then change into sneakers. An ice fisherman told me the ice was 8 inches thick here.