Saturday, November 1, 2014


 Oh kids and Halloween! This year Jonas wanted to be a ninja, which was pretty easy, except for all the time he spent talking to me about what ninja sword he should get. "It has to look real, and it needs to be green!" "Let's look on amazon again. How much is $60? Let's go to the store right NOW!" Lucky for me, and Willa, Target had a buy one get one free nunchuck sale. Two bucks later, problem solved, except...for the semi-violence that always ensues when you give two siblings nunchucks.

Willa, however, wanted to be Hello Kitty this year. She's a bit obsessed with this adorably cute cat, and I blame it all on my Mom. Since I'm not terribly crafty, and didn't really want to try and make a Hello Kitty costume when we happened to have an old Jonas pumpkin costume that would fit her just fine, I went to work convincing her she wanted to be a pumpkin. It half worked. After a while I would ask her what she wanted to be for Halloween and she would say "Hello Kitty Pumpkin!" So if you were wondering, like everyone else who kept asking her last night "So...what are you?" , now you know. It's just one very happy Hello Kitty Pumpkin.

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